Jameson, Booker

Former Stormblade


Booker Jameson
Human Mighty
Stormblade / Knight

Primary Stats
PHY: 6 AGI: 5 INT: 3

SPD: 6 PRW: 4 ARC: —

STR: 6 POI: 4 PER: 3

Derived Stats:
DEF: 11
Initiative: 11
Armor: 14
Willpower: 8
Command: 5

Stormglaive 1-handed: MAT 6 DMG 11 + 1d6
Stormglaive 2-handed: MAT 6 DMG 13 + 1d6
Stormglaive ranged: RAT 8 DMG 12

Cleave (extra melee attack after defeating an enemy with melee)
Defender (move to enemies who attack friendlies and melee attack them)
Blaster (+2 to ranged electrical attacks)
Specialization Storm Glaive (does not suffer attack roll penalties)
Immunity: Electricity (granted from Storm Knight armor)
Feat: Back Swing (spend a feat point to get an additional melee attack)

Military Skills:
Great Weapons 2 / +6
Hand Weapons 1 / +5
Shield skill 1 / +5
Occupational Skills:
Command 2
Detection 1 / +4
Etiquette 2
Lore: Knightly Order 1 / +4

Storm Knight Armor
Great Sword


A middle child of the lesser noble House Jameson, he was originally a member of the Stormblades. Recently disillusioned of the prestige of the Stormblades, Booker has found himself in the trencher unit, Daria’s Daredevils. While he shows utmost respect to Daria himself, he has shown much apprehension to his other fellow squadmates. An odd sight in the trencher tents, Booker is still in possession of Stormblade equipment and can be seen between assignments polishing it to a sheen. When asked about his past in the Cygnar Stormblades, he just grunts, spits and states: “the past is the past.” When Duchess Major Andrea Chisholm is brought up, he closes his visor, stands motionless and merely says: “I’d rather not discuss it.”

“Ours is not to ask why, ours is to do or die.”
“I disagree.”

Jameson, Booker

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