Savage, Calin "Crackshot"

Calin is an expert marksman and soldier, always ready to move out to the front lines.


Rifleman, Trencher

Character Stats

(5) – Physique
—6 – Speed
—4 – Strength
(5) – Agility
—4 – Prowess
—5 – Poise
(3) – Intellect
—5 – Perception

Derived Stats

14 – Defense [Speed + Agility + Perception + Equipment]
12 – Armor [Physique + Equipment]
15 – Initiative [Speed + Prowess + Perception]
8 – Willpower [Physique + Intellect]
5 – Command Range [Intellect + Command Skill]
4 – MAT – [2d6+4+[Great Weapon/Thrown 1]
5 – RAT – [3d6+5+[Rifles 2], drop a d6, with Rifles]


Skilled (Gain an additional attack when making an attack action)
Virtuoso: Rifle (Roll an additional attack and damage die, discarding the lowest)

Traits and Abilities

Crackshot: +2 attack bonus against an enemy with concealment, cover, or elevation.
Dual Shot: Forfeit movement to make an additional range attack with pistol or rifle.
Marksman: Forfeit movement to get an aiming bonus.
Bayonete Charge: Can make a ranged attack against a charge target if you have a bayonet on the charging weapon.
Dig In: When wielding a spade, can make a quick action to dig a improvized foxhole. Gains cover, does not suffer blast damage, and does not block line of sight until movement, goes prone, or is engaged. Cannot dig in on the same turn as a run action.
Targeteer: When the character hits with a ranged attack, he chooses the branch of the target’s life spiral or column of the target’s damage grid if hit, is applicable.

Military Skills

2 – Rifle (Poise)
1 – Great Weapon (Prowess)
1 – Thrown Weapon (Prowess)

Occupational Skills

2 – Craft: Gunsmithing (Intellect)
1 – Climbing (Agility)
2 – Detection (Perception)
1 – Survival (Perception)
1 – Command (Social)
1 – Sneak (Agility)
1 – Medicine (Intellect)


11 – GC
2 – Ammo Bandolier
1 – Entrenching Spade
1 – Gunsmith’s Kit
1 – Scope, Rifle (18ft (3") and +90ft (15") to range.)
1 – Bayonet (Great Weapon on charge; Attack: -1 (
2 on charge), POW: 3 on rifle)
1 – Military Rifle (Ammo: 1 / Range 60ft (10"), 300ft / POW: 11) 3GC for 5 rounds.
3 – Smoke Grenades (Range 48ft (8"), AoE: 3) – Quick Action + Attack to attack.
1 – Trencher Medium Infantry Armor (Def-2, Arm+7)
1 – Repeating Rifle (Ammo: 5 / Range 84ft (14"), 420 ft / POW: 10) 2GC for 5 rounds. 15GC/wheel
2 – Throwing Axe (Range 36ft (6"), POW: 3 + STR), melee or thrown)

Combat Values

Damage return calin

5 – Physique
5 – Agility
3 – Intellect

14 – Defense
12 – Armor
15 – Initiative
8 – Willpower
5 – Command Range

Military Rifle (RAT: 3d6+5+2, drop a d6) (Damage: 3d6+11, drop a d6) Range: 78ft (13")/ 390ft
Repeating Rifle (RAT: 3d6+5+2, drop a d6) (Damage: 3d6+10, drop a d6) Range: 112ft (17")/510ft


Calin (Kay-lin) was born to a family in Thalingrove, a small village in northern Cygnar in the Thornwood Forests. When Northguard fell, Thornwood was lost. Few made it out alive, none of which were Calin’s family. His father was an expert hunter and fought valiantly until an artillery round landed near him. Calin was rescued by some soldiers that bunkered down and withstood the siege as it came upon the village. At one point he acquired a fallen Trencher’s rifle and handled it, firing off a few rounds into the opposing forces.

He was not skilled as he was a young child but he showed promise as he was trained by his father to hunt wild game in the woods. After the assault was pushed back, he was taken inland towards Bainsmarket. It was there that he requested to join the Cygnar army. He was very young but had no family so they took him in and trained him. He was not driven by anger but vengeance, and intuition has always served him well. And it felt like the right thing to do.

Having some training with a rifle, he took to being a marksman quite easily but was drawn to the occupation of a Trencher. He quickly earned the nickname CS for his initials, but also as a crack shot. He fires his rounds intuitively, always with a calm and clear mind. He was eager to find his way to the battlefield. Calin was a good soldier but had no interest in climbing the ladder. He enjoyed the simple demands of being a soldier on the front lines.

“Move out, dig in, kill. The rest of life should be so simple.”

Savage, Calin "Crackshot"

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