Connor, Liam and Warren

Specialist 1st class


Arcane Mechanik/Field Mechanik


While prodigies when it came to mechanika, the twins William and Warren Connor were considered to be failures when it came to everything else.

As young children, the two showed such incredible affinity with any mechanika that the Order wasted no time inducting the two child geniuses into their ranks. However, they soon realized that what a terrible mistake they had made. As they grew up in the twins were unmotivated, and only showed sparks of their genius when they were playing one of their infamous pranks. The last straw came when they somehow found a way to sneak into the weapons lab and over the next ten nights, modified the one of the grand elders’ pet projects, ‘Virtuosity’ a scrapped heavy warjack that he was restoring. Renaming it ’Morrow’s Giant Swinging Cock,’ the twins entered it into the next warjack battle contest that the Order had. They won handily, beating some of the most experienced jack marshalls and jack mechaniks in Cygnar. However, the elder was furious, and expelled the twins on the spot. Not one to waste talent, Lord Randall tracked the two down, and convinced them to join up. Although they haven’t lost their love of jokes and pranks, Lord Daria’s tutelage has been able to focus them into a fierce warrior duo.

Connor, Liam and Warren

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