Shanty, Ivan


Investigator, Trencher

Character Stats

  • 5 – Physique
    6 – Speed
    4 – Strength
  • 5 – Agility
    4 – Prowess
    5 – Poise
  • 3 – Intellect
    5 – Perception

Derived Stats

8 – Willpower
14 – Defense
12 – Armor
15 – Initiative
4 – Command Range


Skilled – Gain an additional attack when making an attack action
Hyper Perception – Perception rolls are boosted
Virtuoso (Rifle) – Roll an additional attack and damage die, discarding the lowest

Traits and Abilities

Bayonet Charge – Can make a ranged attack against a charge target if you have a bayonet on the charging weapon
Dig In – With a spade, can make a quick action to dig a improvised foxhole
Astute – Reroll failed Detection rolls
Language (Five Cant) – Speak, read, write

Military Skills

1 – Great Weapon (Prowess)
1 – Pistol (Poise)
2 – Rifle (Poise)
1 – Thrown Weapon (Prowess)

Occupational Skills

2 – Detection (Perception)
2 – Sneak (Agility)
1 – Command (Social)
1 – Forensic Science (Intellect)
1 – Interrogation (Intellect)
1 – Law (Intellect)
1 – Medicine (Intellect)
1 – Streetwise (Perception)
1 – Deception (Social)
1 – Survival (Perception)


Five Cant


125 – GC
1 – Ammo Bandolier
1 – Entrenching Spade
1 – Bayonet (Great Weapon on Rifle; Attack: -1 (2 on charge), POW: 3 on rifle)
1 – Military Rifle (Ammo: 1 / Range 60ft (10"), 300ft / POW: 11) 3GC for 5 rounds.
1 – Pistol (Ammo: 1 / Range 48ft (8"), 240ft / POW: 10) 2GC for 5 rounds.
3 – Smoke Grenades (Range 48ft (8"), AoE: 3) – Quick Action + Attack to attack.
1 – Custom Battle Armor (Def-1, Arm+6)


Early life in Caspia (573-587)

Ivan’s nationality and ancestry is a mystery as his earliest memories are of him scavenging for food in the slums of Caspia. Hunger and cold were very familiar to him in his youth. As he became more adept at begging as well as dodging the kicks and the shoves he elicited, he came to the attention of a criminal ring who needed beggars for informants and lookouts. This got him regular food and warm clothes until the ring was shut down by the Caspian Police. Ivan managed to avoid incarceration, but again found himself hungry and cold.

The Trenchers (587-591)

To escape the poverty and struggle of the streets, Ivan lied about his age(his rough life made him appear older than he was) and joined the Cygnar Military. This was right in the middle of the Scharde Invasion, and no one looked too close at the “awfully short” young Ivan. He was briefly trained and then deemed adequate for the Trenchers. He saw only one year of combat against the Cryxians before the invasion was thrown back. Then another three years of peace before he decided that he had enough of being told what to do. He left the Trenchers on good terms and with a few good friends.

School (591-592)

A short chapter in his life. Education seemed to Ivan to be the key that would unlock a realm of opportunity. So with all the savings he had from his military years, he joined Corvis University. He struggled with his lack of education and was disillusioned by the advantages of wealth and station. In his second year, with mediocre grades and little prospect of finding a patron, his money ran out.

Police Force (593-595)

With no money and no prospects, Ivan fell back on his military contacts to find some work with the Caspian Police Force. Ivan found he had a certain aptitude for investigating crimes, and did well for a time. When Ivan refused to drop an investigation involving a minor noble, Ivan was forced out of the police force.

Sleuth PI services inc. (595-607)

Again angry at the advantages afforded those of wealth and station, Ivan decided to go into business for himself. He opened Sleuth PI services inc. in Caspia and struggled for twelve years to find clients and make ends meet. When Sul attacked again and combat broke out in the City of Caspia, Ivans business/home was destroyed by warjacks.

Daria’s Daredevils (607-Now)

With no home and no income, Ivan began to look at mercenary work to survive. He got in touch with an old Trencher friend to scope out who was good and who was looking for men. His friend replied with an invitation to Daria’s Daredevils. Ivan has been in the Daredevils for a relatively short amount of time. His role so far has been MP work, which although comfortable, isn’t exactly what he had in mind. Ivan is eager to deploy to LLael where he feels his knack for investigation will come in handy.

Shanty, Ivan

Daria's Daredevils suphael