Daria, Lord Randall

Commander of Daria's Daredevils


Trencher/Soldier/Military Officer


More commonly referred to as Lord Randall, or Old One-Eye to his men, Lord Randall Daria III has had a long and storied service history with the trenchers. It is usually expected of scions of noble houses who do not stand to inherit their family’s fortune to seek commission in the Cygnaran army or join the Church of Morrow. Lord Randall did the former. However, instead of joining a military academy to become an officer or one of the more elite units in the army, Daria elected to go through basic training and join the trenchers. Since then, Daria has served faithfully with the trenchers, rising from being a common soldier to commanding his own squad.

His rank in the Cygnaran army is a secret that is lost in the cavernous hall of records in Cygnaran Command. He has refused both promotions and demotions so many times, that other officers do not know whether they rank above him or below him, and thus, treat him with the respect afforded a man who has served for so long. One popular legend surrounding Lord Daria involved him receiving a demotion for multiple counts of insubordination. Military policemen were ordered detained him for demotion as he was about to march to battle. He flatly refused to leave his squad and told the policemen that he was unwilling to accept a demotion, earning him more demerits, including resisting lawful arrest. However, Lord Randall distinguished himself in the ensuing battle, and was promoted in the field several times. When he finally presented himself before the tribunal, there was such confusion that High Command dropped the case entirely.

Daria, Lord Randall

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