Sister Cordelia



Soldier/Priestess of Morrow


The young Sister Cordelia is a relatively new addition to the Daredevils. Raised in a convent of warrior nuns as an orphan, Cordelia was taught the word Morrow as well as the art of war. When she became of age, she took up her scrolls and weapon, and set out to find her true parents. Her investigation led her to a likely suspect, Lord Randall Daria III, the notorious womanizer. However, as more information came to light, Cordelia discovered that she was not one of the numerous bastards who sprang from the loins of Lord Randall, much to both of their surprise. However, Lord Randall already took a liking to the young woman, and continued to treat her as one of his children, and inducted her into the Daredevils as the squad’s chaplain.

Sister Cordelia

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