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The Beginning of the Legend

PROLOGUE: Blueprint for Disaster

Something big is happening in Khador-occupied Llael. Reconnaissance has reported an abnormally large influx of infantry from Khador to several Llaelese cities, and it is likely that heavier units will be mobilized soon. Concerned, King Leto Raelthorn of Cygnar has dispatched several units to the area to gather information, and keep the Crown apprised of the current situation in the area, and if need be, ‘protect Cygnara interests in the area.’

With their varied talents and reputation for successful operations behind enemy lines, Daria’s Daredevils are among the units being sent first into the area…

ACT I: Powderkeg

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* * *

Campaign Concept

You are being dispatched, along with the rest of the Daredevils across the Cygnar-Llael border, behind enemy lines, for a reconnaissance mission. The main objective of this mission is to find out what has drawn so many Khadoran forces into the area, and relay any information you find back to the Crown. Rurik Daria, Lord Randall’s bastard son and second-in-command has already departed with a few members of your unit, along with several Cygnaran spies. Lord Randall has sent them ahead to make contact with any Llaelese resistance fighters in the area, as well as establish a base of operations. However, no word has come from Rurik since his departure. Concerned, the High Command, with the recommendation of Lord Randall, has moved up the departure schedule.

You are to travel under disguise as civilians and infiltrate Merywyn, the largest city in the area. There you are to make carry out your mission assigned by the Crown as well as extract any members of your squad that have been injured or captured.

Stealth and subterfuge is advised until contact is made with friendly Llaelese locals and more information has been gathered.

From the GM

Since this campaign revolves around the exploits and adventures of a trencher unit, it is my sincere hope that your characters can somehow be part of the trenchers. The trencher career has a lot of restrictions, both on the starting race, and the secondary starting career. Because I am hoping that most of you start as a trencher, and also because of the Daredevil’s unique make up, I am more than willing to relax many these restrictions. If you want to play the squad’s chaplain, for example, you can have priest of Morrow as your second career, or if you want to play a reformed criminal who Lord Randall decided was worth redeeming, I would have no problems with you playing a Trencher/Cutthroat.

If even after all that you decide that the trenchers are not for you, let me know, and we can see if we can work something out. Maybe your character can be a Llaelese local that fights in the resistance alongside the Daredevils, or a spy working for Cygnar. Just make sure that you have a good backstory that can fit your character into the party seamlessly.

During character creation, I want you to create the character based what you think your character is like soon after joining the Daredevils. Were you a career trencher grunt before jumping at the chance to serve in the fabled Daredevils? Were you an elite sniper who was discovered and recruited by Lord Randall? Create your character as normal, and you can use the character optimization options in the character creation section.

Afterwards, advance your character by 8 experience points. This represents what your character has picked up while being part of the Daredevils, and what your job in the unit is. If none of this applies to your character, then don’t worry about it, just advance your character by 8 points as normal.

Do not worry too much about what will and will not be useful in the campaign. I am hoping the adventure will be more open-ended and I want to make the set pieces respond to what you do, rather than have something pre-planned and railroady. Once the onrails section of the prologue is over, the party can decide what it wants to accomplish in Llael and how to go about achieving your goals.

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